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A Grim Anniversary
September 18th is for all Eritreans a date embedded in their consciousness, but not for the (...)
[Human Rights Concern Eritrea] 18/09/2021

Three Eritrean Opposition Entities Form A Coalition
After a long discussion between the Eritrean opposition organizations, three entities announced (...)
[Awate] 11/09/2021
“May You Beget A Black Cat”
In 1986 a border conflict erupted between Qatar and Bahrain over the ownership of the Hawar (...)
[Awate] 11/09/2021
Egypt Takes Disturbing Steps to Forcibly Return Two Eritrean Detainees into Mortal Danger in (...)
The Egyptian authorities have finalised arrangements for the refoulement of two Eritrean (...)
[Human Rights Concern Eritrea] 10/09/2021
Eritrea: A Conveyer Belt Supplying Mercenaries
Eritrea has been a training ground for Sudanese opposition groups that finally made peace with (...)
[Awate] 9/09/2021 and Negarit 2021 Fundraising Drive Since the launch of on Sept.1, 2000, it has been a labor (...)
[Awate] 2/09/2021

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Hundreds of aid trucks 'not returned' from Ethiopia's Tigray region, says UN
Hundreds of aid trucks have not returned from Ethiopia's war-hit Tigray region, and their disappearance is "the primary...
[France 24] 17/09/2021
US threatens sanctions against officials in Tigray conflict
The White House is threatening to impose sanctions against Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and other leaders...
[Independent] 17/09/2021
Ethiopia's Tigray conflict: HRW says Eritrean refugees victims of 'clear war crimes'
In this edition: Human Rights Watch accuses fighters on both sides of the Ethiopian conflict of war crimes targeting...
[France 24] 17/09/2021
East Africa: Eritrean Refugees Targeted in Tigray - Human Rights Watch
[HRW] Nairobi -- Need for Urgent Protection, Assistance; Thousands Still Missing
[AllAfrica] 16/09/2021
UN humanitarians voice concern over situation in northern Ethiopia
UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 15 (Xinhua) -- UN humanitarians on Wednesday voiced concern over the situation in the northern...
[The Africa news] 15/09/2021
Libya seizes 109 Europe-bound illegal migrants
TRIPOLI, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) -- The Libyan Interior Ministry on Tuesday said it seized 109 illegal immigrants bound for...
[The Africa news] 15/09/2021
Rights abuses committed by all sides in growing Tigray conflict - UN
The UN human rights chief said Monday that gross violations were being perpetrated by all sides in Tigray and warned...
[The Africa news] 14/09/2021
Rights abuses committed by all sides in growing Tigray conflict - UN
The UN human rights chief said Monday that gross violations were being perpetrated by all sides in Tigray and warned...
[RFI] 14/09/2021
Eritrea- Green Light Committee Monitoring Mission 2021
Eritrea- Green Light Committee Monitoring Mission 2021 Tue, 14/09/2021 - 08:52 14 September 2021
[WHO] 14/09/2021
Ethiopia: Alleged Human Rights Violations in Tigray Committed By All Parties - UN Human Rights Chief
[UN News] UN human rights chief, Michelle Bachelet on Monday deplored "multiple and severe reports of alleged gross...
[AllAfrica] 14/09/2021
Nigeria prison break: Armed gunmen free 240 inmates from Kabba jail
In this edition: 240 inmates are on the run in Nigeria after a huge jailbreak, the second this year. Our correspondent...
[France 24] 13/09/2021
Protest against abuses in Ethiopia's Tigray region
Around 300 protesters gathered in Geneva in front of the United Nations headquarters on Monday to call for an...
[Africanews] 13/09/2021
Ethiopia's New year celebrations dampened by Tigray conflict
"The cost of living will be stable when the country is peaceful. Ethiopians are worried and anxious, and we are fasting...
[Africanews] 13/09/2021
UN: Probe in Ethiopia's Tigray didn't reach Axum massacre
The United Nations human rights chief says a highly awaited joint investigation into abuses in Ethiopia’s Tigray...
[Independent] 13/09/2021
Tigray forces accused of mass killing
"My family has gone through a tough time. My sister got killed with her 1-year-old baby. We don't know where my father...
[Africanews] 10/09/2021
Ethiopia: A New Year’s call for peace and end to Tigray’s multifaceted war
A call for peace by Local Civil Society Organizations of Ethiopia. Source
[The Africa Report] 10/09/2021
Ethiopia: Will the TPLF-OLA alliance mean Tigray’s secession?
On 11 August, Kumsa Diriba, aka 'Jaal Marroo', the leader of the Oromo Liberation Army (known as OLF/Shene by Ethiopian...
[The Africa Report] 10/09/2021
Ethiopian Federal Government Claims Tigray Forces Defeated In Afar Region
The Ethiopian federal government on Thursday claimed to have forced rival forces in the war-hit Tigray region to...
[Chief Observer] 10/09/2021
UN humanitarians call for unimpeded access to Ethiopia's Tigray
UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 9 (Xinhua) -- Welcoming Ethiopia's support for recent relief-truck deliveries, UN humanitarians on...
[The Africa news] 09/09/2021
Sudanese Gov’t Summons Ethiopia’s Ambassador Over 29 Bodies Found In River
The Sudanese government on Tuesday summoned Ethiopia’s ambassador to Khartoum after 29 bodies of Ethiopian citizens...
[Chief Observer] 09/09/2021
Ethiopia: Tigray Forces Deny Reports of Mass Killings in Amhara
[VOA] Rebel forces from Ethiopia's Tigray region denied reports Wednesday that they had killed dozens of civilians over...
[AllAfrica] 09/09/2021
125 Ethiopian civilians allegedly massacred in Amhara region
In tonight’s edition: Authorities in Amhara accuse rebels from the neighbouring Ethiopian region of Tigray of having...
[France 24] 08/09/2021
Tigray rebels massacre 125 villagers in Ethiopia's Amhara: doctors
Rebels from Ethiopia's war-hit Tigray killed at least 125 residents of a village in the neighbouring Amhara region...
[Africanews] 08/09/2021
The divisions within the UN Security Council will harm Ethiopia
As the conflict in Tigray spreads to other regions in Ethiopia, a schism within the UN Security Council threatens to...
[The Africa Report] 08/09/2021
Guinea coup: Military junta starts releasing political prisoners
In tonight's edition: Guinea's coup leaders have begun releasing political detainees imprisoned by ousted president...
[France 24] 07/09/2021

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