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Oases of Eritrea: Nature-Based Solutions for Development
BY ELIZABETH MWANIKI | UNDP ERITREA Eritrea is a country of varied landscapes. But driving from Asmara, the capital city, towards Keren town in the Anseba Region, you will notice a number of...
[TesfaNews] 01/04/2018
Workshops on preserving tourism sites
The Research and Control of Tourism Resources in the Anseba region organized a seminar for the Keren secondary school students focusing on preservation of tourism resources. Keren, 12 March 2018- The...
[Shabait] 12/03/2018
Azel Pharmaceutical Factory meets 35% of nation medicine demand
The Azel Pharmaceutical Share Company, which was established in Keren 10 years back is covering 40 percent of the nation’s domestic medicine demand Mr. Misgina Tekleab, Manager of the factory...
[Shabait] 11/03/2018
Various activities in connection with March 8
Various activities have been conducted in the Central, Gash Barka, Anseba and Southern regions in connection with March 8, International Women’s Day under the theme “Women’s Empowerment- Prelude...
[Shabait] 07/03/2018
Vocational training for 79 citizens
The Ministry of Education branch in the Anseba region in cooperation with stakeholders provided a four month vocational training to 79 nationals. Keren, 07 March 2018 – The Ministry of Education...
[Shabait] 07/03/2018
NUEW: Strengthening organizational capacity
The National Union of Eritrean Women branch in Dige sub-zone is exerting strong effort to strengthen the organizational capacity of women and enable them become beneficiaries of social service...
[Shabait] 06/03/2018
Villages regrouping showing commendable progress
Thanks to the initiatives taken by the public and integrated effort of concerned bodies in the Halhal sub zone, 80% of the villages regrouping program has been implemented. Keren, 05 March 2018 -...
[Shabait] 05/03/2018