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Workshop on law conducted to college students
Workshop on law was conducted to the students of the Adi-Keih College of Arts and Social Sciences and College of Business and Economics, report indicates. Mendefera, 07 February 2018 – Workshop on...
[Shabait] 07/02/2018
Call for integrated efforts for better outcome
At an assessment meeting conducted on 1 and 2 February in Mendefera, Southern region, the Minister of Health, Ms. Amina Nur-Husein called for integrated efforts by all health experts and government...
[Shabait] 06/02/2018
[VIDEO] How Did Adi Quala Get Its Name
ERi-TV መደብ ኒሚጎዕ: How Did Adi Quala/ዓዲ ኻላ Get Its Name The post [VIDEO] How Did Adi Quala Get Its Name appeared first on ||| Rራ |
[Raimoq] 04/02/2018
Popular campaign to redress environment
Residents of the six villages of the Haineba and Hadamu administrative areas in the Adi Keih sub zone have conducted a popular campaign aimed at redressing the environment damaged due to erosion. ...
[Shabait] 01/02/2018
Seminar on preventing crimes
A seminar was recently organized in the Senafe sub-zone with a view to strengthen the participation of the youth and students in preventing crimes. Senafe, 29 January 2018- A seminar was recently...
[Shabait] 29/01/2018
[VIDEO] How Did Mendefera Get Its Name
ERi-TV መደብ ነሚጎዕ: How Did Mendefera /መንደፈራ Get Its Name The post [VIDEO] How Did Mendefera Get Its Name appeared first on ||| Rራ |
[Raimoq] 29/01/2018
Commendable Bee Farming Activities
Mr. Zaid Tekle from the Livestock Resources branch in Southern region indicated that commendable activities are being conducted to boost bee farming in the region. Asmara, 26 January 2018 - Mr. Zaid...
[Shabait] 26/01/2018
Eritrea’s agriculture: empowering the extension of sweet potatoes recommended
The potato seed store in Mendefera: A hub between research and farmers' lives Eritrea’s agriculture: empowering the extension of sweet potatoes recommended By Yosief Abraham Z CIP report from...
[Madote] 25/01/2018
Adi Quala subzone: Activity assessment meeting
In an annual activity assessment meeting the Adi Quala sub zone conducted recently, it was assessed that the residents have made praiseworthy contribution in the water and soil conservation and road...
[Shabait] 18/01/2018
HNARC developing pest resistant potato seed
Experts from Halhale National Agricultural Research Center reported that commendable effort are being conducted to develop pests resistant potato seed. Mendefera, 17 January- Experts from Halhale...
[Shabait] 17/01/2018
Seminar on Improving lives of Visually Impaired Citizens
The National Association of the Visually Impaired conducted seminar in Dekemhare with a view to make integrated effort towards improving the social and economic status of members. Asmara, 13 January...
[Shabait] 13/01/2018
Road renovation popular campaign
Residents of the Mai-Mine sub zone expressed readiness to enhance contribution for timely completion of the popular dirt road renovation linking Endagergis with Mai Mine. Mendefera, 10 January 2018 -...
[Shabait] 10/01/2018