Gash-Barka in Eritrean newspapers

Training for civil servants
In a bid to strengthen the administrative capacity of its staff members, the Gash Barka region recently organized training program in Barentu. Barentu, 23 October 2017- In a bid to strengthen the...
[Shabait] 24/10/2017
Seminar on controlling malaria prevalence
At a seminar recently conducted in Tokombia call was made on the public to follow the advice being provided by health experts and conduct sustainable environmental sanitation popular campaigns aimed...
[Shabait] 23/10/2017
Observance of World Day of Hand Wash
World Day of Hand Wash was observed at regional level in Molqui, Gash Barka region on 15 October under the theme “Clean Hands for Ensuring the Future”. Barentu, 20 October 2017 - World Day of...
[Shabait] 20/10/2017
A workshop on controlling malaria prevalence
A workshop on raising popular awareness on the control of the prevalence of communicable diseases was held in Anagule administrative area, Barentu sub zone. Barentu, 12 October 2017- A workshop on...
[Shabait] 12/10/2017