Gash-Barka in Eritrean newspapers

Potable water project inaugurated in Shilalo and Adi Tsetser
Potable water project in Shilalo and Adi-Tseser constructed in cooperation with Eastern Command, the Gash Barka region and the Livestock and Crops Corporation has recently become operational. ...
[Shabait] 22/09/2017
Eritrea : Crops in Om Hajer reported in good condition
#Eritrea : Crops in Om Hajer reported in good condition Barentu, 20 September 2017- Crops that are cultivated by the Eritrean Livestock and Crops Corporation on 3,200 hectares of land in Omhajer are...
[Raimoq] 21/09/2017
Commendable social services provision
The residents of Adi Bara, Forto-Sawa sub-zone expressed readiness to increase participation to develop social service provision institutions in their area. Barentu – 19 Sept 2017 – The residents...
[Shabait] 19/09/2017
Workshop on strengthening administrative skill
A workshop aimed at strengthening administrative skills of the newly elected area administrators and managing directors was recently organized in Forto-Sawa sub-zone. Barentu, 18 September 2017- A...
[Shabait] 18/09/2017
NAEWDV: Seminar on strengthening organizational capacity
The chairman of the National Association of Eritrean War Disabled Veterans (NAEWDV), Mr. Gebrebrhan Eyasu conducted a seminar in Barentu on 25 August aimed at strengthening the organizational capacity...
[Shabait] 30/08/2017