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Lip and Oral Clif surgery
Lip and Oral Clif surgery is being conducted on 35 children and 6 adults at the Orotta National Referral Hospital in cooperation with Eritrean and Foreign surgeons. Asmara, 25 October 2017- Lip and...
[Shabait] 25/10/2017
Center for developing children’s competence
A seminar aimed at acquainting the “Center of Children’s Education and Research” that was recently established with a view to develop children’s knowledge and enabling them familiarize with...
[Shabait] 24/10/2017
Call for cooperation with agricultural experts
head of Safety and Capacity of Seeds at the Ministry of Agriculture called on farmers to seek advice from agricultural experts for the safety and capacity of seeds they cultivate. Asmara, 21 October...
[Shabait] 21/10/2017
Seminar on traffic safety
The Police Traffic office in the Central region in collaboration with the Ministry of Education branch organized seminar to students in the region on traffic safety aimed at increasing their...
[Shabait] 20/10/2017
Workshops on advancing education process
Workshops aimed at enhancing the role of parents and youth friends in advancing the education process and particularly at boosting student competence were conducted in Tio and Keren. Asmara, 20...
[Shabait] 20/10/2017
Eritrea - a star in the night of Africa
Eritrean youth taking selfies with the iconic Asmara Cathedral behind them (credit: This interview was translated from German using online software The background to global poverty and flight....
[Madote] 20/10/2017
Public diplomacy activities by Eritrean national in Diaspora
Eritrean nationals residing in Italy and Qatar conducted different public diplomacy activities with a view to enhance their understanding on the objective situation and participation in the national...
[Shabait] 19/10/2017
[VIDEO] History of Asmara City in Eritrea
[VIDEO] History of Asmara City in Eritrea ታሪክ ከተማ ኣስመራ Documentary | Eritrean The post [VIDEO] History of Asmara City in Eritrea appeared first on ||| Rራ |
[Raimoq] 19/10/2017
Harat Transport Company expands service
As part of its efforts to expand transportation service to remote parts of the country, the Harat Transportation Company has begun providing service on 14 October from and to Asmara-Fishei-Mirara. ...
[Shabait] 18/10/2017
Road Renovation popular campaign
Residents of Adi-Abraham and Adi Laqman are conducting road renovation popular campaign. The road was damaged due to flooding. Asmara, 18 October 2017 - Residents of Adi-Abraham and Adi Laqman are...
[Shabait] 18/10/2017
[VIDEO] Eritrea, Asmara City Drive
[VIDEO] Eritrea, Asmara City Drive Cruisin through the streets of Asmara. This drive begins in Sembel (Enda Korea) Asmera, Eritrea and follows the Expo-Airport road, Tiravolo-Campo polo road, Fiat,...
[Raimoq] 18/10/2017
President Afwerki sends message of condolence to Somali President
President Isaias Afwerki sends message of condolence to Somali President Asmara, 17 October 2017 H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed President of The Federal Republic of Somalia Mogadiscio Dear Mr....
[Raimoq] 18/10/2017