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African World Heritage Day May 5th, 2018
BY SHABAIT We are celebrating this year’s African World Heritage Day, almost a year after Eritrea successfully got “Asmara: a Modernist City of Africa” inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage...
[TesfaNews] 05/05/2018
Joss Stone & Elham Mohammed Concert at Cinema Asmara, Eritrea [Video]
By Eritrea EmbassyMedia Joss Stone - Total World Tour - kicked off in April 2014 with gigs already completed in Morocco, Dubai, South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Australia and New Zealand amongst...
[Madote] 03/05/2018
Bruton: Ambassador Yamamoto’s Visit to Eritrea ‘Encouraging’
BY ASKANEWS * The first visit for “over a decade” by an American Deputy Secretary of State in Eritrea is “an encouraging sign that the US government intends to do its part to normalize...
[TesfaNews] 27/04/2018
US delegation met with President Isaias Afwerki & other officials
US delegation led by Acting Assistant Secretary for Africa, Amb Yamamoto, paid a three-day visit to Asmara. The delegation met with President Isaias Afwerki & other officials; discussed prospects...
[Raimoq] 25/04/2018
Non-Conformist Eritrea
Eritrean Independence Day parade in Asmara, 2016 Non-Conformist Eritrea By Ruby Sandhu Since time immemorial, there have been non conformists and disruptors - they have made us look at the world...
[Madote] 11/04/2018
The Challenges of Equitable Provision of Quality Education in Eritrea
High school students in Asmara By Musa Hussein Naib Abstract This paper discusses the provision of equitable quality education under the principle of social justice and investigates its implementation...
[Madote] 10/04/2018
Asmara – Physiotherapy Center in progress
by Semhar Mebrahtu When Asmara Physiotherapy Center was set up in 1997, few people were aware of its benefits. Through time, however, physiotherapy treatment started to get acceptance by people due to...
[Raimoq] 09/04/2018
[ERITREA] His Holiness Abune Lukas Gives Benediction
His Holiness Abune Lukas Gives Benediction Asmara 7 April 2018 – His Holiness Abune Lukas, General Secretary of the Eritrean Tewahdo Orthodox Church Synod, gave benediction in connection with...
[Raimoq] 07/04/2018
Photographers focusing their cameras on Asmara’s architecture
Photographers focusing their cameras on Asmara’s architecture by Billion Temesghen LUISA PORTA -Welcome to Eritrea. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers? Hello! I am Luisa Porta and I am...
[Raimoq] 07/04/2018
Celebrating Easter With Tears of Love and Cheers of Joy!
Orthodox Church in Asmara (Credit: Thomas Mukoya/Reuters) CELEBRATING EASTER WITH TEARS OF LOVE AND CHEERS OF JOY! Dr. Tesfa G. Gebremedhin West Virginia University, Historically, it seems evident...
[Madote] 05/04/2018
Eritrea participates at Commission Status of Women meeting
Eritrea participates at Commission Status of Women meeting Asmara, 03 April 2018- Representatives of the National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW) participated at the 62nd Commission Status of Women...
[Raimoq] 04/04/2018
Eritrea Launched the National Action Plan for Health Security
A section of participants of the launching By WHO Eritrea launched the National Health Security Action Plan: 2017- 2021 at Asmara Palace on 27 March 2018. The Honorable Minister of Health, Ms Amina...
[Madote] 01/04/2018

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