Evidence of Writing Systems from the Antiquity of Eritrea

[Raimoq] - 17/05/2018

The very existence of writing systems in antiquity implies the sophistication of the cognitive map of early societies across the world. Written symbols, letterforms and full-fledged alphabets as well as scripts have provided the most effective system devised by humans to describe the world (...)


In Eritrean newspapers

PRESS RELEASE ION: A litany of false stories
In its latest publication (No. 1474) of 18 May last week, the Indian Ocean Newsletter floats a litany of wild (...)
[Erigazette] - 24/05/2018
Eritrea: "Happy 27th Independence Day" ertra ertra (ኤርትራ ኤርትራ!)
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[Asmarino Independent] - 24/05/2018
FM expresses regret over Eritrean unfounded accusations against the Sudan
Khartoum, 23 May (SUNA) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday expressed regret over Eritrean unfounded (...)
[Erigazette] - 24/05/2018