Understanding Eritrea

[Madote - Eritrea] - 5/01/2019
Understanding Eritrea By John Graversgaard | Counter Currents The Horn of Africa has been plagued by conflicts and war for decades, and finally it seems that peace has come to the region. Political changes in Ethiopia have opened for a rapid peace agreement with Eritrea signed on 8 July 2018 by (...)
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A Look Back at an Extraordinary Year (Part 3)
BY FIKREJESUS AMHAZION (PH.D.) This article is the third, and final piece of a three-part series that looks back at (...)
[TesfaNews] - 5/01/2019
Asmarino | Eritrea: ኤርትራዊ መንእሰይ ጥዋፍ ሃገር፡ ታሪኽ ክተሰርሕ ተባራበር!!!
ሃገር ብመንሽሮ ስርዓት ውሽጣዊ መግዛእቲ ፋሺስታዊ ውልቀመላኺ ኢሳያስን (ፋ.ው.መ.ኢ.) ጃንዳኡን፡ ብኣረሜናዊ መቕተልቲ ጀጋኑ ኣካለ ስንኩላንን፣ ብምጽልማት ስርዓተ ትምህርትን፣ብምስፍሕፋሕ ዘስካሕክሕ ኣቢያተ (...)
[Asmarino Independent] - 3/01/2019
[AUDIO] An exclusive program on 40th anniversary of Radio Dimtsi Hafash
40th anniversary of Dimtsi Hafash observed Asmara, 03 January 2019 – 40th anniversary of the founding of Dimtsi (...)
[Raimoq] - 5/01/2019
Fourth round Shingrwa contest finalizes
The fourth round 2017/2018 Shingrwa Academy contest finalized yesterday 29th December and was live broadcast on (...)
[Shabait] - 30/12/2018
እዋናዊ ዜና፡
ትኽስ ድሙስ መሃመል ኣንጭዋ! ጭርጭር ዓበደ እቶምም ክናናን ምናናን ዝኾኑ ህግደፍን ወያኔን ክሳብ መዓስዩ? እቲ ንህዝቢ ኮነ ኢሎም ንምድንጋር ዝመሃዝዩዎ ዘይወግዓዊ ዶብ ኢትዮ-ኤርትራን መስመር መስመር (...)
[Deqebat] - 27/12/2018
Seminar for members of national service
The Commander of the National Service Training Center, Col. Debesai Ghide conducted seminar for the members of the (...)
[Shabait] - 1er/01/2019
NRS: Governor conducts seminar to Massawa residents
At a meeting conducted with representatives of the residents of the port city of Massawa, Brig. General Tekle (...)
[Shabait] - 4/01/2019
Eritrea Sends High-Level Delegation to Kenya
Delighted to receive HE Osman Saleh, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Eritrea, today in my office. (...)
[Raimoq] - 4/01/2019
SRS: Annual activity assessment meeting
The Southern Red Sea region conducted its annual activity assessment meeting on 26 and 27 December in the port city (...)
[Shabait] - 27/12/2018
A Look Back at an Extraordinary Year 2018 (Part 2)
BY FIKREJESUS AMHAZION (PH.D.) Undeniably, 2018 was an extraordinary year for Eritrea and the Horn of Africa. The (...)
[TesfaNews] - 3/01/2019
[VIDEO] Shingrwa Academy – ሸንግርዋ – Eritrean Talent Show Final – Full Video
The post [VIDEO] Shingrwa Academy – ሸንግርዋ – Eritrean Talent Show Final – Full Video appeared first on IIIRራ | (...)
[Raimoq] - 30/12/2018
Ethiopian Medical Team Arrives in Eritrea
A team of health professionals have traveled to Eritrea to volunteer to perform free medical services for two (...)
[Madote] - 3/01/2019
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