Various activities by Eritreans in Diaspora

[Shabait - Eritrea] - 7/02/2019
The Eritrean Ambassador to the Republic of Italy, Mr. Fessehazion Pietros conducted seminar to Eritrean nationals residing in Bologna on the objective situation in the homeland and developments in the region following the peace and cooperation unfolding in the Horn of Africa and the (...)
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Minister Osman Saleh holds talks with Luxemburg Foreign Minister
Minister Osman Saleh holds talks with Luxemburg Foreign Minister Asmara. 14 February 2019- Mr. Osman Saleh, (...)
[Raimoq] - 14/02/2019
NRS Culture and Sports branch activity assessment meeting
The Culture and Sports Department at the Northern Red Sea region conducted activity assessment meeting on 13 (...)
[Shabait] - 14/02/2019
Elham Mohammed / BOBA & JOSS STONE singing Yemane Baria's song 'Kemey Leki'
By Embassy Media Eritrea's young shinging singer Elham Mohammed / BOBA & Joss Stone singing Yemane Baria's song (...)
[Madote] - 18/02/2019
Is the Honeymoon Over for Prime Minister Abiy?
Is the new PM in charge as a leader? Does he have the clout and respect, and not just love from the people, from (...)
[TesfaNews] - 14/02/2019
Dekemhare hospital to expand health services
The Dekemhare hospital reported that effort is being exerted to expand eye and dental treatment services. (...)
[Shabait] - 13/02/2019
Workshop on developing national education standard
The Ministry of Education on 14 and 15 February organized a workshop at Emba Soyra Hotel aimed at developing the (...)
[Shabait] - 16/02/2019
Potable water project put in place in Mai-Aini sub-zone
Potable water supply project worth around 2 million Nakfa has been put in place in Mai-Aini sub-zone. Mai-Aini, 13 (...)
[Shabait] - 13/02/2019
African leaders unveil statue of Haile Selassie in Addis Ababa
African leaders unveil statue of Ethiopia’s last emperor ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA A statue of Ethiopia’s Emperor (...)
[Raimoq] - 11/02/2019
Source: Henrymakow February 12, 2019 A 2002 manifesto “The Secret Covenant” makes plain that most of our “leaders” (...)
[Deqebat] - 12/02/2019
Ethiopian, Eritrean Leaders Set To Sign Detail Deals
PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed and President Isaias Afwerki attending the reopening ceremony of Eritrean Embassy in Addis Ababa (...)
[Madote] - 20/02/2019
FAO Warns of Locust Outbreak in Sudan and Eritrea
BY TOM MILES | REUTERS A locust outbreak in Sudan and Eritrea is spreading rapidly along both sides of the Red (...)
[TesfaNews] - 16/02/2019
EU Commits €225m for Job Creation in Africa
BY MICHEL NKURUNZIZA | THE NEW TIMES Neven Mimica, the Commissioner for International Cooperation and (...)
[TesfaNews] - 13/02/2019
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