My Recurring Encounter With a Spade and an Eagle

[Awate - Eritrea] - 16/06/2020
Dispatches from Kassala I was walking and enjoying the cold breeze on my face during the Christmas Holidays. I instinctively passed my right hand through my head and felt the thinning of my once bushy hair, then I shoved both my hands into my pockets and walked briskly. I slipped and almost (...)
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Queen Amanirenas, the brave one-eyed African queen who led an army against the Romans in 24BC, She beheaded the (...)
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TPLF-A Thorn in the Flesh (Part-2)
BY SENNAY ZEMEN In spite of many indelible facts, the TPLF leadership has been deluded into believing that (...)
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Annuncio del Ministero della Salute
12 pazienti sono stati diagnosticati positivi per COVID 19 in numerosi test condotti nei centri di quarantena ¬ (...)
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A Candle Is Enough!
About 400 years before Christ, Socrates was jailed accused of many things among which were corrupting the youth of (...)
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Help with finance to cover funeral expenses of Arsema, Meaden & Danait
We are all saddened and shocked by the horrific stabbing murder of two children aged 7 and 9 years old and their 19 (...)
[Raimoq] - 2/07/2020

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