Rohingya fire, Eritrean pullout, and a sexual abuse scandal in Ghana: The Cheat Sheet

[IRIN - Africa] - 26/03/2021
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[VIDEO] Mehari Tesfai & his family speaks about Alula Solomon’s Slander & Lies
Alula Solomon Slundered Mehari Tesfai of being mercenary killed in Wollo Ethiopia killing Oromo TPLF’s chief (...)
[Raimoq] - 7/04/2021
[VIDEO] Martin Plaut while training to burn down the Eritrean Embassy
“Do Not demonstrate in-front of Eritrean Embassy unless you are going to burn it down “. Martin Plaut said this while (...)
[Raimoq] - 9/04/2021
[SHOCKING CLIP] TPLF operating death squads & terrorist cells to assassinate Tigrayans
[SHOCKING CLIP JUST RECEIVED] #TPLF operating death squads & terrorist cells to assassinate #Tigrayan civil (...)
[Raimoq] - 3/04/2021
Eritrea: A Victim of Modern Necropolitics
“My job is making windows where there were once walls” [Michel Foucault] Introduction In search of an integrative (...)
[Awate] - 5/04/2021
Martin Plaut: A Contemptuous “Fellow” Rivalling Comical Ali, Nazis’ Goebbels
by The Queen of Sheba The notorious Iraqi Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf, better known as Comical Ali, and Nazi Germany’s (...)
[Raimoq] - 10/04/2021

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