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News from Eritrea, in Eritrean newspapers

Eritrean Awet Habtom from BIKE AID convinced at World Championships in bergen as the most aggressive (...)
most aggressive rider in the world? – Awet Habtom with epic ride at Worlds Eritrean Awet Habtom from BIKE AID convinced at today’s World (...)
Raimoq 23/09/2017
Eritrean seminar conducted in Western Canada concluded successfully
Dr. Fikrejesus Amahazion, professor at the College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) in Adi Keih Seminar conducted in Western Canada on (...)
Madote 23/09/2017
Asmara: A Modernist City of Africa World Heritage Site
Asmara, Eritrea (Credit: RedSeaLove) By Asmara Heritage Project (AHP) The State of Eritrea submitted its first ever application to UNESCO for (...)
Madote 23/09/2017
Eritrea’s Awet Habtom Voted Most Aggressive U23 Rider at Bergen 2017
Awet Habtom voted the most aggressive U23 rider at the World Road Championships in Bergen. BY BIKE AID He is only 19 and it is his first year in (...)
TesfaNews 23/09/2017
Potable water project inaugurated in Shilalo and Adi Tsetser
Potable water project in Shilalo and Adi-Tseser constructed in cooperation with Eastern Command, the Gash Barka region and the Livestock and (...)
Shabait 22/09/2017
Meeting on environmental sanitation
An assessment meeting on environmental sanitation programs was held in Keren town on 18 and 19 September. Keren, 22 September 2017- An assessment (...)
Shabait 22/09/2017
Commendable achievement in education
Owing to the financial and material support as well as arrangement of extra classes provided, commendable progress has been registered in the (...)
Shabait 22/09/2017
Karuturi Demands Compensation From Ethiopia
BY NIZAR MANEK | BLOOMBERG Karuturi Global Ltd., an Indian flower grower, demanded compensation from the Ethiopian government for a series of (...)
TesfaNews 22/09/2017
The Eritrean people is very open and beautiful, Senta Berger
You haven’t forgotten about Senta, have you? You haven’t forgotten about Senta Berger, have you? The gorgeousness who took the hearts of Eritrea’s (...)
Raimoq 22/09/2017
Andernacher bauen Klinik in Eritrea mit auf
Andernacher bauen Klinik in Eritrea mit auf Hilfsprojekt Sanitärfachkräfte reisen nach Afrika Von Redakteurin Martina Koch M Andernach. Am Anfang (...)
Raimoq 22/09/2017
Qatar’s Withdrawal from Djibouti – Eritrea Border was Retaliatory
BY AL ARABIYA Qatar’s alleged support of terrorist organizations, which has already frayed its relation with Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other Gulf (...)
TesfaNews 22/09/2017
BBC & Al Jazeera: Two Fake news outlets protect a dying regime in Ethiopia while attacking (...)
By Eritrean-American In today’s world of deception, lying, misleading, you would think that major media outlets would do a better job of covering (...)
Madote 22/09/2017
Veldhoven Mayor's cancelling of YPFDJ Eritrean conference unlawful: Independent commission
Jack Mikkers, Mayor of the municipality of Veldhoven, Netherlands Article was translated from Dutch using online software Mayor Jack Mikkers van (...)
Madote 22/09/2017
ERITREA: How a new nation's hopes and expectations for freedom and democracy were brutally (...)
We can no longer escape the central question: how did a country, whose citizens fought so nobly over 30 years for justice, human rights and rule (...)
Asmarino Independent 22/09/2017
[Must-Listen] Azeb Mesfin Speaks Out
Azeb Mesfin’s latest Interview with Zami FM radio, part one.
Awramba Times 22/09/2017
Hagos Berhane – Tkono lewa – New Eritrean Music 2017 – [ Official Music Video ]
Ella TV – Hagos Berhane – Tkono lewa – New Eritrean Music 2017 – [ Official Music Video ] The post Hagos Berhane – Tkono lewa – New Eritrean Music (...)
Raimoq 21/09/2017
Veldhoven’s Mayor Decision Unlawful: Independent Commission Decides
BY MANON VAN DEN BREKEL * According to members of the Committee, the Mayor of Veldhoven “did not make any effort” in seeking for other solutions. (...)
TesfaNews 21/09/2017
Mhreteab Tesfazghi – Qrebni | ቅረብኒ – New Eritrean Music 2017
LYE.tv – Mhreteab Tesfazghi – Qrebni | ቅረብኒ – New Eritrean Music 2017 The post Mhreteab Tesfazghi – Qrebni | ቅረብኒ – New Eritrean Music 2017 appeared (...)
Raimoq 21/09/2017
Eritrean national abroad hold diplomatic activities
Eritrean nationals residing in Canada and Jeddah conducted seminars with a view to strengthen organizational capacity and contribution in the (...)
Shabait 21/09/2017
NAEWDV: Seminar on strengthening organizational capacity
The National Association of Eritrean War Disabled Veterans (NAEWDV), conducted a meeting on 19 September here in the capital aimed at (...)
Shabait 21/09/2017
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